"Siam River Adventures - Paddling Northern Thailand's Whitewater Since 2000"

About Siam River Adventures Co., Ltd.

Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai) was not usually known for Whitewater Rafting or kayaking… since 2000 Siam River Adventures has been rafting and kayaking Northern Thailand ‘s whitewater. From the beginning! Safety is our foremost concern, but fun and environmental sensitivity are also Important. We are owned and operated by dedicated river enthusiasts. We love what we do and where we work! With owners and staff from all walks of life and continents on the globe, our 20 years of worldwide whitewater experience really shows. We boast the highest operating standard in all of Thailand . With high quality imported equipment, regimented staff training program, and great personal service you are sure to have a unforgettable experience with us!

Jason Younkin

Owner and Founder of Siam River Adventures

Owner and Founder of Siam River Adventures – born in Marshall Islands Micronesia. His love for rivers began in Colorado USA. Working as emergency medical technician, whitewater rescue instructor, river guide, kayak instructor, international tour leader,and private pilot since the mid 90’s.

Once a starving traveler, Jason stumbled upon the Mighty Mae Taeng River by accident. In the past 10 years he has traveled to over 40 countries worldwide and worked in 9 or 10. Jason has been living in Chaing Mai, Thailand for about 10 years. You can usually find Jason, up at the river discovering new ways down the middle section, working on the net or flying an airplane.

Current Certifications:

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • CPR & Swift Water Rescue 1
  • Swift Water Rescue Advanced
  • Technical rope Rescue & Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue Instructor

Tanyaporn KhodruenKaew (LAH)

Office, money master and partner of Siam River Adventures

Office, money master and partner of Siam River Adventures – Born in Chaing Mai, Lah moved to Bangkokwhen she was 13 to study business . After 18 years in the city she returned to Chiang Mai to help her parents run there jungle homestay business.

Lah began working with Siam River Adventures in 2003-2004 and now runs the money and  and Siam Cafe.  She can usually be found on the phone or at Kona Cafe organic Coffee shop in Chiang Mai

Current Certifications:

  • First Aid & CPR  

Pat O’Keeffe

Worldwide traveler extraordinaire and partner of Siam River Adventures

Worldwide traveler extraordinaire and partner of Siam River Adventures- Born in Sydney . Australia. Pat started traveling in the early 80’s. A cross-continent truck driver, tour guide, International River Guide, and loving father.

Pat has been living in Hokkaido, Japan for over 10 years where he manages Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures. Pat can usually be found at H.O.A, running steep creeks, or paddling the big waters of the Himalayas.

Current Certifications:

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • CPR & Swift Water Rescue